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Chiropractic Care and Endurance Athletes

May 21, 2019


Endurance athletes and the use of chiropractic go hand in hand.  Whether its running, biking, swimming, or a combination of all three such as in a triathalon, endurance athletes must be efficient in their movements to limit excess energy consumption and increase performance.  

Endurance Sports

Endurance sports require individuals to perform continuous cardiovascular exercise over an extended period of time.  This sustained period of exercise puts a large demand on the participant and requires a great amount of coordination between not only muscles and joints but also organs like the heart and lungs.  In order to maximize endurance your body and the different systems involved not only have to work together, but they have to work efficiently.

Increasing Stamina

Your body is able to engage in and sustain endurance activities more readily when it has proper blood flow and lymphatic flow.  Essentially, its a balance of providing the muscles with nutrition and oxygen through blood flow and removing cellular waste through lymphatic flow.  Both of these mechanisms become more efficient with training. It takes time for the body to adapt to the demands placed on it, which is why most people train for months prior to running a marathon.  Your body is not prepared to handle the load if you don’t train, therefore your ability to sustain a prolonged activity is diminished.


Chiropractic and Endurance Sports

Function follows form.  An athletes ability to not only function, but function at a high level is reduced when the body isn’t working cohesively.  Chiropractic looks to identify movement deficiencies and correct them with the use of manipulation/adjustments and the implementation of corrective exercises.  Other techniques often used with athletes can include active release technique (ART), which is a movement base massage, cupping, and dry needling. All these methods are used, especially in endurance sports, to promote proper movement, minimize the incidence of pain, and to help the body perform more efficiently.  If not corrected, your body inherently begins to compensate, meaning it starts to work around the dysfunction to perform the same task. This leads to further dysfunction and potentially injury.

If you are someone who loves your endurance sport or even someone who wants to get started participating in them, know that chiropractic is a great choice for you. The athletes at the top of their professional game know this all too well.  Contact or visit one of our offices today in Sharonville, OH, Wilmington, OH, or Anderson, OH.

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