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Chiropractic Solutions For Hip Pain

Sep 11, 2019

Chiropractic Solutions for Hip Pain

Hip pain can be a problem for many people regardless of age or activity level.  The type of pain, severity of pain, and where around the hip it is located (front, back, side, or even around your buttocks) is dependent on the source of where it is coming from.  We will discuss today some common sources of hip pain along with some solutions to help you achieve relief.  

Common Causes of Hip pain

The hip is an extremely mobile joint.  In fact, it is the 2nd most mobile joint in the body behind the shoulder.  Due to this, hip pain isn’t generally the result of just one single problem, but is more likely multifactorial.  

  • Bursitis – A fluid-filled sac called the bursa surrounds lies on the side of your hip. It helps to reduce friction and cushion the joint, but when it becomes inflamed it results in bursitis.  This will often make it very uncomfortable to lay on the painful side.
  • Osteoarthritis – This is a degenerative process of the cartilage around your joints, often the result of normal wear and tear.  It results in bony changes and deformation that creates more abnormal motion in the joint. This results in increased irritation to the surrounding structures including muscles and ligaments.  
  • Overuse or muscle strain – If you are physically active or athletic, this is a common problem. Putting your body through high intensity, often repetitive movements for long periods causes muscles to become irritated.  As with many other conditions, the longer you continue to push through the pain, the worse it gets. Not to mention, it typically begins to affect other areas, particularly the lower back.  

Chiropractic Solutions

Chiropractic can be the solution for your hip pain.  Our physicians use a treatment approach that focuses on the hip joint as well as the surrounding joints and soft tissues that are involved with movement and biomechanics of the hip.  

  • Exercise and Stretches – We develop a tailored exercise and strengthening program to improve flexibility, strength, and pain. 
  • Spinal Adjustments – The goal of spinal adjustments is to eliminate or reduce spinal misalignments or restriction that could be the source of your hip pain or making it worse.
  • Active Release TechniqueTreats four tissue components including muscle, ligament, nerve and fascia. Each of these can be isolated and treated by taking them through their own specific motions, which has the potential to change the dynamics of the tissue that is being treated.
  • Dry NeedlingTrigger point dry needling uses a solid filament needle which is directly inserted through the skin and into the muscle to release the painful trigger point thereby decreasing muscle contraction, improving flexibility, and decreasing pain. . The insertion of the needle allows us to penetrate the deeper layers of muscle and other soft tissue, which are typically impossible to get to with the use of manual pressure or other forms of surface therapy. 

Chiropractic Care

Dry Needling for chronic shoulder pain (cupping was done before the dry needling, which is what causes the temporary purple marks you see).

If you are experiencing hip pain, don’t delay.  We can help! Schedule an evaluation and we can determine what combination of treatment will work best for you. 

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