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Chiropractic Care and Exercise Performance

Mar 4, 2019


Movement is medicine.  The goal of exercise, much like chiropractic, is to optimize movement and function.  We currently live in a day and age that is less mobile and less healthy than ever before.  A majority of people sit or perform repetitive tasks all day long while working, which essentially leads to decreased mobility and function.  

Contrary to popular belief exercise is not about losing weight.  Exercise is about movement. Movement enhances function to the point where our body is able to adapt to an increased demand.  With this comes increased strength, flexibility, endurance, energy levels, improved mood, decreased risk for chronic disease, etc.  Therefore, weight loss is just a side effect.  

As you can see there are countless benefits to regular exercise and movement.  That being said we shouldn’t limit ourselves to only looking at exercise as something we do in the gym or something we have to fit into our schedule.  Exercise, and therefore movement, can be accomplished by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking the dog, stretching before you get out of bed, playing tag with your kids, all of this “counts” as exercise.  So make it a point today to implement more movement into your routine, because exercise supports life.



The answer is yes.  We have to take care of the body we live in and regular chiropractic care assists the body in achieving optimal levels of movement and function.

Our chiropractors assess the movement of joints both in the spine as well as the extremities to determine if there is a decrease in motion.  A joint that has decreased motion contributes to a more global decrease in whole body movement as well as compensatory changes. You may not be aware of this dysfunction right away but the longer you perform in this pattern of dysfunction the more prone you are to pain or injury.

Chiropractic adjustments restore normal motion to the joint by applying a thrust technique that frees them from restriction.  This allows for increased range of motion and overall performance of movement. In terms of exercise we may see this as deeper squats, faster running, improved lifting technique, stronger deadlifts, etc.  So yes, chiropractic treatment can help with your exercise routine.

Remember, movement is medicine.  Exercise and chiropractic work to increase overall movement and function.  Choose both as a part of your regular health routine! You can schedule an appointment at any one of our locations.  Rohlfs Chiropractic Care is your local chiropractor in Sharonville, Ohio Wilmington, Ohio or Anderson, Ohio.

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