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Is Your Cellphone Causing Your Neck Pain?

Apr 1, 2019

My Cell Phone Is Hurting My Neck!

How could your cell phone be impacting your spine? Think for a few seconds…whether you’re sending a text, scrolling on social media, or ironically reading this article you will notice that you are probably looking in a downward direction, shoulders forward, in a slumped posture.

While this may not seem immediately harmful think about how much you, or your kids are on your phone/tablet throughout the week.  The average time on phones/day for adults is just over 4 hours. Take that number and multiply it by 365 and you’re starting to see just how this poor posture compounds over time.  So much so that it now has a name known as “Text Neck” or “Text Posture.”

Correct Spinal Posture

There are several normal curves to the spine that, when maintained, help to minimize stress to the surrounding joints and soft tissues.  While looking at someone from the side who has ideal posture, you will notice that the ears are in line with shoulders, shoulders in line with hips, and hips are line with the knees and ankles.

You will notice that someone with “Text Posture” is the complete opposite of the correct posture we just described.  Over time this posture can contribute to a number of conditions and problems like:

-Neck pain



-Hand Numbness

-Low back pain

-Mid back pain

-Upper cross syndrome

-Shoulder Impingement


-Decreased Breathing Capacity

-Rotator Cuff Injury

How To Hold Your Cell Phone

Now it wouldn’t be right to tell you you’re holding your phone wrong without telling you the appropriate way to hold your phone.  The first thing to do is be consciously aware of your posture. If you are able to recognize when your body is in a bad position it is more easy to get yourself in a good posture.  It sounds simple, but you may be surprised how often you end up correcting yourself. Now, pretend you have a string in the center of the top of your head and that string is being pulled straight up. Automatically, your shoulders round down and back, your chest opens up and your neck and head pull back. Consciously tuck your chin down and in just a bit, and bring your ears over your shoulders. Then bring your cell phone in front of you and up to eye level, which means the phone is out in front and above your shoulders. Pretend it is your computer screen and you’re looking straight at it. And yes, it will likely take two hands to text.

Try this quick posture reset:


This posture may feel awkward at first and take some time to get used to but your spine will thank you for it.   If you have questions please feel free to contact us at one of our offices.  Our doctors offer chiropractic manipulation, rehab programs, Active Release Technique (ART), and dry needling to assist patients in overcoming conditions involved with “Text Neck.”  Rohlfs Chiropractic Care is your local chiropractor in Wilmington, Ohio Sharonville, Ohio and Anderson, Ohio.

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