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Rohlfs Chiropractic Care January 2020 Newsletter – Pain

Jan 23, 2020


At some point during our life we have all experienced some type of pain. The difference between all of us is how we perceived the pain. Pain is different for each individual. Some people can experience pain and think nothing of it while others can experience pain and feel like their whole world is crashing down. 
Our bodies are incredible machines. When we experience some type of pain, such as lower back pain, its like an alarm going off. Our brain has realized that something isn’t functioning properly and it begins to send alerts or signals to tell us. A fire alarm isn’t an indication of damage in a building or house but just a response to a potential threat. The same is true for our body. Dont think of pain as a bad thing, think of it more like a response to a potential threat. 


One of the biggest keys in reducing potential muskuloskeletal threats is to increase movement throughout the day. When we get stuck sitting all day we,
1. Develop stiffening/decreasing range of motion in our joints
2.Reduced blood flow throughout the body
3. Increases our chance for injury
Example: A 50 year old business man who likes to play golf. John wakes up everyday and sits to eat breakfast, he then gets in his car and drives to work where he sits at a desk from 8-12. At noon he goes to lunch and sits for an hour while eating, then he proceeds to go back to his desk and sit for 4 more hours. After work he gets in his car and drives to the golf course. He takes one warm up swing and begins his round. On the fourth hole he starts to feel a twinge in his lower back (potential threat). He doesn’t realize that his nervous system is warning him and he continues to play. By the end of his round his back is spasming and he is feeling sharp aching pain isolated to his lower back. The pain that hes experiencing doesnt necessarily mean that he has a damaged lower back its just a strong warning sign that there could be potentially more damage if he doesnt make a change.  
1. Before going to breakfast do some isolated movements for the lower back, ei. CAT COW
2. Stand and move more throughout the day
3. Drink more water to help hydrate the body. This will also cause John to have to use the restroom, making him move more during his day
4. Go through a proper warm up sequence before any athletic event
Here are a few movements to practice that are isolated for the low back

If you are dealing with pain or have any questions please contact one of offices near you in Wilmington, Sharonville or Anderson.  We can help!

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