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Rohlfs Chiropractic Care July 2018 Newsletter – Why So Much Neck Pain

Nov 1, 2019


Over the past few months, the amount of neck pain that I have been seeing from patients has been off the charts.
Patients symptoms range from a dull ache, sharp shooting pain into their upper back, numbness and tingling into their arm and weakness.

Reasons why I’ve been seeing an increase in neck pain varies. I think the biggest reason is we get stuck holding ourselves in one position for a long period of time. Think of your bicep. Very few people experience pain, tightness and weakness in their bicep because they are constantly moving their arm throughout the day. Now flex your elbow and hold it there all day, different story. Your bicep will begin to become tight, pain will set in and the elbow will become stiff. Moral of the story, MOVE!

Posture. I think a lot of people make a big deal out of posture. Yes, I think posture is important but once again holding yourself in one position for long periods of time is not doing us any good. Instead of holding yourself in a slouched position or sitting in a tall upright position, try moving from one position to the other throughout the day.
Breathing. A LOT of people breathe up into their chest. We’ve all seen the classic example of someone who is sucking their gut in and has their chest expanded. All this does is increase the muscle activity of the upper neck and scalene muscles. Instead, breathe like a baby, slow and deep into your stomach.

This exercise demonstrated by Dr. Nick Rohlfs is great to help improve posture and reduce chronic neck pain.

If you are dealing with neck pain give us a call, we can help!  Our chiropractors specialize in a variety of treatment methods including chiropractic manipulation, active release technique, cupping, dry needling, and active rehab to help get you well, and most importantly, stay well.  We have offices located in Sharonville, Ohio, Wilmington, Ohio, and Anderson, Ohio.

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