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Spring Sports and Activity Preparation

Apr 24, 2019

We are entering into another spring season.  This means that our sports and other outdoor activities are about to ramp up.  You may have taken the winter off from significant physical activity or you are possibly just switching gears from one activity to the next.  This transition means you are going to want your mind and body prepared for these increased physical demands.

Chiropractic Care

Getting adjusted by a chiropractor may already be a part of your health and wellness routine to help support regular activity and perform at a high level.  If not, you may notice some aches, pains, or possibly just stiffness as you shake off the rust that comes with inactivity during the winter. Either way chiropractic can serve as a valuable tool to help the body move and function.  To some, this may mean being able to work on their landscape or garden without the nuisance of nagging back pain and stiffness. To others, this may mean gaining a competitive edge in sports that is often the difference between winning and losing.  

Prep Time

Make sure to dedicate adequate time to prepare for the activity you are going to pursue.  Being proactive by getting up and getting moving is the first step in preparation. It can be as simple as going for a walk, doing some light bodyweight or core exercises, and stretching.  This prep time period should be at a minimum of four weeks consistently. The frequency, intensity, and variation of the activties can be modified as you go along in order to promote adequate preparation.  

Here are some core exercises to get you started:




Warm up

Warm ups prior to sports and activities should last, at the very least, for 15-20 minutes.  It may help to consider the movements of the sport or activity you will be participating in.  Depending on the sport this may mean more of a focus on the lower body or upper body. Core exercises are extremely important because these muscles are essentially used in all activities.  .

Cool Down and Stretch

It is also important to remember that when the game is over you aren’t done.  Post game or activity cool down exercises and stretches are just as important as the warm up.  Basically, don’t suddenly stop activity. Instead, take 5-10 minutes to do some stretching and/or repeat some of the warm up exercises you did initially, in order to let your body and muscles cool down.


Hopefully this brief guide will help serve as a resource for you as the temperatures are warming up and  you prepare for any upcoming activities. If you have further questions please contact one of our offices. Rohlfs Chiropractic Care is your local chiropractor in Sharonville, Ohio, Wilmington, Ohio, and Anderson, Ohio.  


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