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Dec 13

Chiropractic for Runners

Dec 13, 2018

Running is an extremely beneficial exercise that challenges the cardiovascular system while simultaneously working a large number of muscles in the body.  It creates a feeling inside the body that can almost become addicting.  The downside is that it can also lead to a lot of repetitive stress injuries involving the muscles and joints of the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back. The most common recommendation with these running injuries would be to rest, ice, and use medications in order to ...

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Aug 11
Aug 11

How NBA players are able to excel at golf

Aug 11, 2017

This is an interesting article on how athletic abilities are able to crossover from sport to sport How NBA Players excel at Golf Follow us on Facebook Rohlfs Chiropractic Care Rohlfs Chiroprac...

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Mar 3

Rohlfs Chiropractic Care

Mar 3, 2017

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Aug 9

7 Things a Chiropractor Knows About You the Minute You Walk Into a Room

Aug 9, 2016

This article highlights the seven things a chiropractor knows about a patient just by looking at their posture. ARTICLE Follow us on Facebook Rohlfs Chiropractic Care Ro...

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